Friday, August 29, 2014

Clay Rainbow Fish {Kid Craft}

Clay Rainbow Fish {Kid Craft}

Did you catch my End of Summer - Ice Cream Kid Craft? Well - today's craft somewhat goes hand in hand with it. With summer coming to a close, I wanted to share another kid friendly craft centered around the hot season. {before pumpkins and Halloween start to consume to my blog}

The other day I was cleaning out my craft room, when I came across a half used package of air-dry clay. I didn't really have a kid craft in mind when I found it, but once I came across a stray heart cookie cutter in one of my drawers - it all started to come together. After some debating in my head - these Clay Rainbow Fish came along nicely. I don't know about you but when I think of summer, I think of a beach and fish swimming freely. With a little imagination, kids can decorate and customize their own fishy creations. Then let air-dry and turn the end results into magnets, home decor or whatever your heart desires!

Apple Walnut Bread {Recipe}

Apple Walmart Bread {Recipe}

Dare I say it - but fall is creeping up pretty fast in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The last few nights have been chilly and the mornings are pretty comfortable too. Even the trees are starting to show signs of fall. I'm super excited about the weather change - BUT at the same time, this could mean a horrible winter for us. {fingers crossed it's not because I may go crazy if it is!}

The other day it was raining in our neck of the woods and it made for a perfect time to bring out my mixer and apron. The week before, we bought some local apples from the farmer's market and they were starting to wilt. Instead of letting them rest in peace in the trash - I decided some yummy apple bread was in order. I have a pretty good recipe that I like to use every year and now I'm passing it on to YOU! What better way to welcome fall, than with a delicious, homemade recipe?! {Plus you can make a ton to freeze for later or share w/friends & neighbors}

Thursday, August 28, 2014

End of Summer - Ice Cream {Kid Craft}

End of Summer - Ice Cream {Kid Craft}

I know some of us don't want to think about it - but summer is coming to an end and fall/Halloween crafts are going to be consuming us very shortly. {The trend is already starting on Pinterest!} Before I start on my own crafting kick, I want to share one more summer related craft with you all. Most importantly - a kid friendly one.

Today's craft is calorie free, melt-less and fun for all ages! As always - my kid craft tutorials are super simple and made with everyday supplies. With a paper plate, tissue paper and glue - you too can make this End of Summer - Ice Cream Kid Craft with your child today!