Friday, April 18, 2014

Last Minute Spring & Easter Inspiration {Roundup}

Last Minute Spring & Easter Inspiration {Roundup}
For some reason {in my opinion} this upcoming Easter holiday weekend really came up fast. I'm normally really on top of things and have EVERYTHING planned out for weeks. When it comes to the holidays, I don't like to mess around. But as I was planning out my blog posts and such - I just felt like there wasn't enough time. I had all these ideas in my head, but lacked the days in my calendar. I felt extremely rushed and wondering where my time went...

If you are like me and feel like the past month flew by - don't feel alone. Although I got quite a few things done the last few weeks, there are still SEVERAL Easter themed things I wanted to get done for my blog. I guess there is always next year - right? I'm only human and I can blame all this on the fact that we were enjoying life. That is the best excuse I have.

So for today's blog post, I decided that instead of a new craft tutorial, I will do a recap on all the spring/Easter things I have shared on the blog so far. I have a few more spring kid crafts to share next week {after all - spring is still going on strong} but I won't be sharing anything Easter related. {this makes my heart ache} I hope this post roundup gives you some last minute inspiration before you celebrate this weekend, as well as giving you some inspiration for other spring activities you might do!

Free Easter Printables
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Egg Carton {Earth Day Kid Craft}
Salt Dough Gift Tags
Flower Gift Bags
Mini Easter Baskets
Clothespin Bunnies {Kid Craft}
Plant & Grow {Busy Bag Idea}
Handprint Sunshine Canvas {Kid Craft}
Styrofoam Carrot {Kid Craft}
Welcome Spring Printables
Spring Welcome Sign
Rays of Sunshine {Kid Craft}
Egg Carton Flowers {Kid Craft}
Coffee Filter Umbrellas {Kid Craft}
Egg Carton Caterpillar {Kid Craft}
Cherry "Pop" Artwork {Kid Craft}

As I share more spring related posts on my blog, I'll be adding them to this roundup. So be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crafty Thursday Obsessions {Week 16}

Crafty Thursday Obsessions {Week 15}

Happy Thursday my friends! Ready for another Crafty Thursday Obsession Linkup Party, where we feature YOU? I hope you are! I'm going to jump straight into things and share with you ALL my current obsession. {Although it's not exactly crafty}

Drum-roll please!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}

Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}

One of the many icons of spring is a big, fluffy bunny. With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to give some last minute inspiration for a kid craft idea. You can totally pull this last minute craft idea together for a group of kids that may be attending your celebrations this weekend. {Keep the whining & boredom at bay} As always - this craft has simple supplies and is sure to please any age. One pack of cotton balls and paper plates will go a long way!

Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}

* Paper Plate
* Cotton Balls
* School Glue
* Scissors
* Stapler
* Wiggle Eyes
* White/Pink/Black Cardstock

Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}
Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}

* Put a good layer of glue on your paper plate. Have your child completely cover the paper plate in cotton balls. Set aside to let it dry completely.
* Using scissors, cut out some bunny elements out of your cardstock. Think nose, whiskers and ears.
* Staple/glue your pieces onto the paper plate. Don't forget to add the eyes!

Cotton Ball Bunny {Kid Craft}

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