Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crafty Thursday Obsessions Linkup Party {Week 17}

Crafty Thursday Obsessions {Week 15}

Happy Thursday my friends!!! I'm crazy busy working on some "exciting" posts, so I'm going to cut this one rather short. {Please forgive me!} My current crafty obsession has to be YOU guys! You keep on coming back and making this linkup so successful. I really enjoy seeing all of your posts every week. And of course - all three of us hosts really appreciate that you come to US to showcase them! Just know that your hard work is appreciated!

Now to the features - drum-roll please!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Butterfly {Kid Craft}

Butterfly {Kid Craft}

Happy "HUMP" day!!! {I couldn't resist!} Is the spring weather beautiful where you are? We finally pulled out the hoses for the lawn and started watering the grass this past weekend. And amazingly - we haven't had the heater on for a week now. It's a really nice change in Wyoming and I'm excited about the beautiful weather. Most days I feel like we are wasting our time sitting on the couch when the sun is shining bright. I guess we better start knocking things off our Spring Bucket list!

To celebrate this recent beautiful spring weather - Lil Man & I made this Butterfly Kid Craft together. It's just a paper plate, glue and tissue paper. Pretty easy, right? And of course - it's kid friendly for all ages AND you can customize the colors of the tissue paper to reflect the style of butterfly you want.

Butterfly {Kid Craft}

* Tissue Paper
* Paper Plate
* Glue
* Pipe Cleaner
* Scissors
* Stapler

Butterfly {Kid Craft}
Butterfly {Kid Craft}

* Cut your paper plate in half.
* Stapler the two halves together, to look like a butterfly.
* Fold a pipe cleaner in half and stapler to the paper plate. This is the antennas of the butterfly.
* Cut your tissue paper into small squares.
* Put a good layer of glue all over the paper.
* Have your child stick the tissue paper on the glue, until the butterfly is completely covered.
* Let dry. Display.

Butterfly {Kid Craft}

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Jellybean Day {Recipe Roundup}

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did the Easter bunny bring you tons of jellybeans this past weekend? Prehaps too many to eat in one sitting? Did you know today is National Jellybean day? Yup. It's another one of those holidays that doesn't get a big parade or special praise - BUT it's the perfect excuse to eat a big handful in one sitting. And who doesn't LOVE jellybeans? {my personal fav is cherry!}

If you are a lover of jellybeans like me but you don't want to waste the day by polishing them off by yourself - how about recreating one of these 20 jelly bean recipes in this fab roundup and making a few for friends/family in celebration of today? It's the perfect excuse to bake AND spread the love! {And sneak some while you are baking}

Now what you waiting for? Click away!

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